Advanced technologies which you need

Plastic injection is the most common
production method

It combines fast implementation time, precision and cost optimization – especially for high-volume orders.

Do you want to outsource the production of details using this method? PIMAR-PLASTICS is a partner you can trust. We combine over 38 years of market experience with advanced technologies. Thanks to this, we can meet even the demanding and non-standard specifications in production orders. We act fast, on time and with attention to every detail

Injection molding machines with clamping force 20-650 tons

 We use innovative machines that give us almost unlimited possibilities of plastics processing. Quickly, at an optimal price and with stunning precision.

High repeatability of details thanks to advanced machinery

Our production lines are equipped with multi-axis servo robots, bench mills, heated channel regulators, precise dye dispensers and conveyors.

Wide range of processed plastics

We make injection of PP, PA6, POM, ABS, PMMA, PS, PC, TPE, PVC and PE. We work with plastics with different requirements and technical parameters.