Plastics hold no secrets for us

PIMAR-PLASTICS is your partner in the plastics processing industry

We use advanced methods of production and processing. This allows us to produce complex parts and details in accordance with the specifications provided by Customers. No matter how high the requirements of your project are – we have technology that will allow us to achieve them. Fast and precise.

We have been operating since 1984, combining the knowledge of plastics built over many generations with innovative machinery and technologies of the future – including Rapid Prototyping 3D.

This gives us almost unlimited production opportunities. Complete your project with us!



Over 38 years on the market and 10 700+ million manufactured details of various complexity levels.

Solutions for demanding industries

We work, among others for the following industries: household appliances, fire, mining, aviation, energy, lighting, furniture and windows.

Mass production

We have extensive experience in the implementation and mass production of details with production volumes of many millions of pieces per year, while maintaining the best price on the market.

Fully automated production

We use, among others with CNC technology and multi-axis robots, which ensure high repeatability and precision of each detail and cost optimization.

Expert knowledge

Our team consists of experienced engineers and project managers. They are specialists who will plan the production process according to your expectations and ensure the highest quality of each detail.

Timely order execution

The production and processing ordered by us are performed in a short time. Always on schedule. It is possible, among others thanks to advanced warehouse software, well-thought-out logistics, and modern machinery.