An alternative to the injection method

We use CAD / CAM software and we make prototype molds from plastics and target molds from aluminum

Do you have a low, medium or high-volume project to implement that is not profitable to implement by injection? Do you want to commission a prototype mold made of plastic or a target form made of aluminum? Entrust these tasks to us! We perform thermoforming with the use of innovative machines. As a result, we use the full potential of this technology – so as to implement projects of the highest degree of complexity

Optimizing the cost and time of thermoforming

We provide a thermoforming service in a short time – always in accordance with the schedule agreed with the client. The equipment used allows us to minimize the waiting time for the execution of the order.

CAD / CAM software – prototyping

Our engineers make prototype companies according to the customer’s specification. We use advanced 3D CAM / CAD software and simulation programs for the analysis of the injection process. As a result, projects are created that can be efficiently implemented into production.

Modern equipment – wide range of possibilities

The innovative thermoforming machines we use allow for fully automatic processing of plastic sheets up to 1450 x 950 mm in size. Thanks to this, we can carry out orders for many industries – including atypical ones.